how to text a girl for the first time

How to Text a Girl for the First Time and Create Attraction-2


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2. Send her a heartfelt text

Texts that are clear and concise are the best kind. But you don't want your communications to be overly straightforward and uninspiring. The majority of people send generic messages like "Hello," "Hey," "What's up?" or "What are you doing?" They are particularly typical when someone texts a female for the first time over the internet.  

These statements are quick and to the point, but they also have a general quality, which is a concern. Multiple other people have likely sent such texts.

They won't establish a connection with her and will instead lead her to believe that you are uninteresting or lacking creativity. 

3. Ask some questions

One of the finest ways to text a girl for the first time after obtaining her number is to ask her a question. Asking questions is a great way to start a discussion and increase the likelihood that she will answer. In addition, it's simpler to start a conversation when you ask follow-up questions. 

However, while questions are helpful, you should not make her feel like you are interrogating her or, worse, interviewing her for a job. Asking her personal questions about her past relationships, sex, breakups, etc. is also strictly forbidden.

Asking her questions like that will just frighten her and turn her off. 

4. Be flirty and funny

One of the finest ways to strike up a conversation and impress a female over text is to be funny. If you can get her to laugh out loud throughout the text, she's more likely to become interested and text you back. You can even make her feel more impressed by teasing and flirting.  

There are a few things you should stay away from when it comes to being flirtatious and humorous, though. Don't start by making offensive or obscene jokes. For instance, making sexual jokes is not appropriate as it may come across as unsettling.

Secondly, be yourself instead of trying to be hilarious if you're not in real life. 

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