How Can Email Marketing Benefit A Company

How Can Email Marketing Benefit A Company

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You may have heard or read online about people saying that email marketing is dead. This has been a source of concern for a lot of people and businesses who are into marketing. Email marketing is still very important and we are going to tell you about its benefits.

The fact is that 73% of customers say they prefer businesses to communicate with them via email, while 40% of B2B marketers say a critical aspect of their content marketing success is thanks to email newsletters. In addition, most consumers check their mailboxes daily and they would prefer to receive emails from companies and businesses.

Companies cannot ignore these statistics. For these reasons, it's imperative that a strong email marketing strategy is developed.

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Increase traffic to your website

A great way to get potential customers and clients to your company’s website or blog is through email marketing. Within your email content you can include links to your site. You can also make use of email campaigns to get clients to interact with some of the great content on your blog or website.

For instance, a local beauty shop might send an email campaigns to inform clients of a new product that will soon run out of stock. A lot of their potential prospects and customers may miss this opportunity to buy the product if they do not revisit the website. Rather than wait for visits to come in, the beauty shop can quickly sell the remaining product by promoting it via email.

Improve sales

60 percent of consumers say a marketing email they received influenced their decision to make a purchase. Promoting your company through email marketing allows your audience to shop directly from their laptop or phone.

Email marketing for companies can be used to develop referrals, sell to prospects, entice existing customers, and even re-establish contact with customers who haven't bought from you in a while. The more targeted and relevant your email content is, the more likely the reader will take action.

Build happiness

Everybody wants to be in a special gathering, especially where they can get a special advantage.

Your customers are not exactly the same, and an approach that is one-size-fits-all will not be appropriate. Use your email campaigns to let your customers know that they are valuable and special to your business.

Whether you are just rewarding your clients for being loyal, or giving a segment of customers a chance to be part of an upcoming product launch, they all want a pleasant experience. Volkswagen offers free movie tickets to their email subscribers many times in a year. Every holiday season, Starbucks gives away free drinks to their gold members.

You may not always be able to give freebies to your customers as a small business, but a little gift can help a lot. It is a great gesture to reward your customers, and on your part, it's a great way to speed up the marketing goals of your company.  


Build trust

Email messages with a shady subject line or from an unknown sender can sound like spam. Such mails sound off and customers often delete them.

An emoji will make some customers click and be excited. For some, a single subject line can get them to unsubscribe from your campaign. Your content needs to suit what your readers want. When you know your readers' needs and wants, your email will be read instead of being deleted.

Designing a permission-based email list that gives customers the option to opt-in to the email list ensures that your customer knows which emails they are signing up for and the frequency of the email they will receive emails from your company.


What’s most important for your business growth is that you communicate consistently with your prospects and customers. This is what is expected of businesses nowadays. Email marketing can help you meet these expectations and more by creating a relationship between your company and your email subscribers that is mutually beneficial.

Now that you know how email marketing can benefit your company, you need to learn the email marketing terms that will multiply your results. The benefits of email marketing are that it can help you drive your marketing goals, build your brand, increase your business revenue, and position yourself as an expert. All of these can be achieved without taking up all of your time or breaking your budget.



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