He is completely in love with you if he does these 7 things

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It could be difficult to know when a person really likes you. Finding out about someone’s feelings –especially if you don’t already know them – can be stressful and difficult. This is definitely the case with men, who are not always good at expressing how they feel. And if you really like this guy, you might be dying to see how he feels about you or if he loves you as much as you do. If you’re ready to truly understand the feelings of your love interest or crush, here are 7 things he would do if he is completely in love with you.

He accepts you for who you are.

Some men may want you to dress or act a certain way to satisfy their needs and wants. But if someone really likes you, they will willingly and lovingly accept you for who you are.

You will become his priority.

People only create time for what they want and would usually make excuses if they are not interested. If your man is busy, whether it’s at school, friends, or work, and he’s still constantly making time for you, it’s a clear sign that he is really into you.

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He criticizes you constructively.

When he does not care about you, he won’t alert you when you’re making a mistake. He can easily see that you are making poor decisions or ruining yourself, and would not care enough to give you feedback. However, a guy who really loves you will draw your attention to your mistakes, because they care enough about you to help you be a better version of yourself.

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His eyes say it all.

The biggest sign that a guy is into you is the way he looks at you. Though he may not say it, but if he falls in love with you, he will look at you like you are sent from heaven.

He includes you in his life.

If a guy does not really like you, you wouldn’t know much about other aspects of his life outside of his interactions with you. If he tells you all about his close friends, his hobbies and favorite hangout spots, or even if he constantly informs you of what he does per time, this guy is sure to fall in love with you.

He supports your aspirations.

A man who truly cares about you will not only hope that your dreams will come true, but he will also actively support you in helping you achieve that. Does he do things like help you come up with new ideas for your business, regularly study with you for school, or even physically appear for your professional or personal endeavors? He is definitely in love with you.

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He is trustworthy even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient.

You can definitely know how a person feels about you by observing how they behave in an uncomfortable situation. Does he still ensure you are okay after an argument? Does he help you with your responsibility even if it affects his free time? Small but good deeds like these show his true feelings and personality towards you.



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