Why Email marketing is stil the best

Why Email Marketing is Still the Best

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Digital marketing is in fashion today. Every day new techniques and methods are invented to improve marketing. In the midst of all this, it's easy to think that email marketing is an outdated technique.

We may think of it as no longer in use or not getting the desired outcome.

However, you couldn't be correct this time.

Email marketing is still very popular nowadays. In fact, it is becoming more successful over time. The question is, what makes it such an attractive marketing technique, despite it being around for a long time?

Well, let's find out.

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Below are some of the reasons why people are still fond of email marketing:

1. Low cost

The major reason why email remains a favorite is the cost factor. It has a very low cost. What you need is an effective email ID and you are ready to begin your email marketing technique.

In some cases people begin by purchasing email addresses in bulk. This however, it is very rare. For the most part, they only send emails to people who already subscribe to their site.

A practice that is emerging is the use of software to automate the creation and sending of email messages. The cost is however usually lower when compared to other marketing modes.

There is no printing fee included, and you do not need to pay for advertising space such as on newspapers and TV. In general, email marketing is still one of the cheapest marketing methods.

2. Saves you effort

In addition to being profitable, it is one of the easiest marketing methods available. You do not need any sophisticated software, separate department or large team.

What you need is a few professionals who know the job and the necessary hardware.

There is always the potential to use better tools and software in email marketing.

However, most people prefer the simple format as it is mainly the content that informs the effectiveness of the email.

A lack of complexity enables you to fully focus on creating compelling email content.

3. Target your audience

A very good advantage of email marketing is that it enables you to target a specific segment of your audience.

Since companies usually get email addresses through registration or signup, they also capture the basic information about the customer, such as name, age, gender, location, etc.

Such information can be used to create targeted email messages.

For example, if your company makes a great offer for students, you can send the emails to users under the age of 24. And if your company offers discount prices on women's clothing, you may want to target women rather than men.

Users may also notice a pattern that they only receive emails important to them. Thus, in addition to saving plenty of resources, the company can also create a trust factor between the brand and the customer.


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4. Ask them to make a move

Although with a wider scope, this one-way marketing has a very serious drawback, namely the lack of interaction. Even if you provide your best marketing ideas, the receiver can decide to ignore them.

Simply put, you cannot simply force users to make an effort to pay attention to your offer. Meanwhile, small efforts can certainly pay off.

Email marketing enables you to induce those efforts. By adding a “call to action,” you can get users to visit your website to view what you have to offer.

And having a call to action saves you the trouble of providing a lot of information in the email. So, in the body of the email, you can focus on adding only the most engaging content.

5. Only for customers

A lot of marketing strategies engage visitors who may never had prior interaction with the product or service. There are certain types of digital marketing techniques that target users who have demonstrated similar interests in their actions, as seen on Google and Facebook.

Email marketing however, is the only marketing method where users themselves request to be one of the company's subscribers.

Companies obtain users' email addresses when they sign up on their website or when they sign up for newsletters.

Obtaining pre-approval from subscribers guarantees that your email efforts are more visible and effective compared to other marketing methods.


6. Check your score

One notable feature that makes email marketing so desirable is the metrics. Many traditional marketing methods are either weak of have no metrics, such as television, radio, and newspapers.

However, in email marketing, you can get all the measurements you need even when decades have passed.

Also keep in mind that to determine performance metrics, you will need an appropriate email program.

The right program will give you every correct data, from the number of emails that have already been opened to those that have redirected the visitor to your website.

These results can give you insight into what's working for your campaign and what's not.

7. See immediate results

One of the great benefits of using email marketing is that it helps you to see immediate results. Once an email is sent, the user will either receive it or receive a notification about it. A lot of people check their email box every 24 hours.

Therefore, whether the user decides to accept your offer or not, you will be able to see the real results the following day.

Many other marketing methods require a few days or sometimes weeks to deliver results. But email marketing can get results before the date is changed.


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8. No Limits

Since email marketing is such an important part of online marketing, it is not limited to geographical space.

Though this applies to any digital marketing technique, email marketing is a viable option when compared to traditional marketing platforms such as television and print.

The difference is that you can target customers from all over the world belonging to different countries, age groups, genders, professions, etc.

The larger the range of subscribers you choose, the larger your potential subscriber base.


Despite its negative stereotype, email marketing is still productive and alive today. As discussed earlier, there are many reasons that make people prefer it.

Although there are other marketing methods that may outperform the email method in one way or the other, overall, it is still one of the most accessible and effective marketing methods in the world.


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