Why Bloggers Should Focus On Email Marketing

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One of the most effective ways to reach a large number of people and promote your company or yourself is by having a blog. However, to have a strong relationship with your blog readers, you need to devise an easy means to let them view your content. To achieve this you need to employ the power of email marketing! 

Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote your blog. As such, creating an effective strategy can help grow your site visitors and keep them visiting frequently. 

There are multiple ways to achieve this. To get started, you will need the right email marketing software and some tactics to encourage your audience to sign up. If you want, some affiliate links will also help you generate some off-site income. 

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Email as a digital marketing channel is not only cost-effective but also has a lot of advantages that you should know. These are some of the advantages that email offers: 

      ·        Deliver personalized content at the time your email subscribers need it.

      ·        For every $1 you spend, the average ROI for email is currently $42.

      ·        Establish a strong relationship with them.

      ·        You can reach a large target audience, regardless of their location.


Unlike social media and SEO, email marketing is one of the best means to directly target your audience with a personalized touch. With personalization, you can display customized content to your subscribers and make them loyal readers of your blog. 

Additionally, by taking advantage of your email service provider's (ESP) advanced targeting options, you can put your blog posts in front of the right people to ensure increased engagement. You can monetize your blog with email marketing by promoting specific offers/content to your readers.


Email marketing can increase traffic to your blog


Many people just do not have time to revisit their favorite blogs daily to look for new content. Even your most ardent fans won't be able to follow every new content you publish. It's easy to lose interest in blogs because of work and other things constantly competing for our time. 

Email gives you the opportunity to let every person on your list know when you post new articles. It allows you to be a priority to thousands of potential people. When email marketing is combined with a consistent publishing schedule, it can help you drive a large number of visitors directly to your newest and best content.

With any of the best email marketing tools, you can also use automated drip campaigns to send some of your older posts to new subscribers. This will expose more people to your best articles and extend their lifespan.


Email marketing can increase the number of regular readers of your blog.

Visitors who voluntarily sign up to your email list, by providing their email addresses, have proven that they have a lot of interest in your articles. They are real fans and potential customers that you can convert into paying customers.

You can turn your subscribers into your own personal marketing team by taking advantage of the possibility of personalization that email marketing services offer together with high-quality content. 

Your email subscribers are 3.5 times more likely to share your blog posts on social media. This will help you increase your brand awareness and further grow your email list. Email also gives you the opportunity to offer people special rewards, such as white papers, eBooks, video courses, or templates as incentives to sign up and join your list.


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 Sponsors and affiliate marketing


If your list targets a specific group of people or grows large enough, you may also be able to sell advertising space and get sponsors in both your blog and email newsletter. When your email newsletters become popular advertisers will be willing to spend a lot of money on ads, product reviews, mentions, or links. You can also benefit from opportunities for affiliate marketing. These allow you to sell the products and services of others within your emails to get a share of the profits. 

If you choose to explore this opportunity, do not overload your emails with tons of ads at the expense of writing meaningful content. Having too many adverts or ads that are not related to the topic of your newsletter will weaken your credibility and prompt people to click the button designated “Mark as spam” in their mailbox. This puts you in trouble with your ESP and removes any trust you have earned with your audience. The deliverability of your email may also be affected. 

Instead, seek sponsors whose products and services are related to your blog post, and tactfully point users to them.




Email marketing and blogging go hand-in-hand like bread and sandwich. They complement each other and can greatly help in amplifying your blogging results. A strong email marketing strategy will help you form genuine relationships with your readers and grow your blog. These connections will in turn help you build an audience of potential buyers who will be excited about the products and services you can offer to them.  

So start building your email list today, commit to writing great content, and see the power of email marketing.

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