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It’s being a while since Sony’s PlayStation 5 was officially released. However, there is still a very high demand for this gaming console whereas there is a very limited supply of the product. Since its launch date in November 12th last year, retailers have periodically managed to offer a limited number of PS5. Those stocks sold out immediately, leaving a lot of gamers in a state of frustration at not being able to have a chance to have the hottest gaming console today.

Fortunately, there is a PlayStation 5 giveaway that you can enter! (Limited chances left)

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Experts in the gaming industry speculate that the demand for PlayStation 5 will continue to exceed the ability of Sony to supply the console for many months to come. So, if you are searching for other ways to get your very own PS5 apart from actually buying it, below is a giveaway that you can enter for a chance to own the best gaming console ever.

How to enter the PlayStation 5 giveaway while it is still available

To join the PlayStation 5 giveaway, simply enter your email on the landing page and complete the full entry form. You do not need to pay anything to submit the form.

Playstation 5 giveaway

Although there are plenty of reasons why gamers are finding it difficult buy the PlayStation 5, one obvious reason that worsened the situation for them is the fact that most PS5 gaming consoles can only be gotten on the internet because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This implies that gamers not only have to compete among themselves to get the console, they also have to battle with scalpers or individuals who are making use of bots or other technologies to purchase the consoles in bulk immediately they became available and resell them for as high as $1,000 each.

You can get your own Play Station 5 by clicking on this link before the offer expires

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