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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media

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In the beginning days of social media, experts believed that email was dead and that we would all communicate with the use of social media. You and I know that up till now email has continued to remain more relevant than ever. Americans are more than ever reading more marketing emails.

Marketers nowadays need to do a lot more with less. There is a need to communicate with the audience in a very personalized way and cost-effective manner.

Marketers who can connect with customers and prospects in a highly targeted manner will be successful in returning revenue return on investment (ROI) to their business. No marketing strategy has lasted as long as email marketing.

While some marketing trends emerge and fade away, email remains the most powerful channel within the reach of marketers in this modern world.

Here are 7 reasons why email marketing beats social media.

1) Email will exist forever

From 2005 to 2008, the once-popular site, MySpace, was the world's largest social networking site and surpassed Google in June 2006 as the most visited website in the United States.

The fate of MySpace now is that all of these users moved on to other social media networks. Myspace is now ranked 1,500 in the most popular sites in the United States.

Imagine if you put in a huge amount of time and money growing an audience on a website, only to find out after just a year or two that it has lost popularity. This will be disastrous for your ability to reach and engage potential customers.

On the other hand, Email has a long history of being stable.

In 1978, the first promotional email campaign was sent to a total of 400 people, and email has seen steady growth since then.

Interestingly, the email world itself has grown from a time when a developer was needed to create an email, to what we have today where an email marketing specialist and email marketing agency like GetResponse enable the modern marketer to create and send awesome emails. With this change, more people now can harness the power of email marketing for b2b.

Unlike building a social media following, building an email marketing lists is a long-term and stable investment that will pay off for a very long time. Email marketing for real estate and email marketing for ecommerce are some areas where email marketing can be beneficial


2) No need to compete with algorithms

Social media platforms are designed to give consumers what they want, which is a great thing. But sometimes this can be harmful to brands and companies trying to introduce their products to the public.


Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithms dramatically in recent years to reflect the wants and needs of members of their platforms. This means that consumers want to see more posts from their friends and family than from businesses. This also implies that brands need to think outside the box to find ways to be outstanding on their feeds to be successful with social media marketing.

There is no such algorithm for email marketing. It is quite simple: you send an email or email marketing campaign and it is delivered straight to the inbox of the recipient.

3). You own your subscriber list

Imagine spending so many hours growing your social media following to a formidable level only for the site to shut down and take all your amazing fans with it. The challenge with social media platforms is that they control your followers, and you have absolutely nothing.

If Facebook shuts down tomorrow, how many people would you suddenly lose contact with?

The difference with email is that you own your subscriber list, whether that's a simple Excel program or your database. As soon as a subscriber signs up for your list, you can reach them with email marketing automation as long as they want to be on your list. With email marketing, you are not at the mercy of the ever-changing nature of the social media platforms.

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4) Website traffic

This is another good reason why email marketing is more effective. It can drive more traffic to your website. Your sales won’t necessarily go up even if you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on social media. It won't matter how many followers or engaged users there are if you are not selling directly from your social media account, the website traffic you've managed to generate is the main indicator of success.

Regarding traffic, with the help of social media, you can increase it. However, email marketing has been proven to attract more visitors directly to your website. This happens because email has a different nature than social networks. By clicking on your message in the inbox, the user is likely already interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, the chances of the said user opening the link are higher.

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5) It's more personal 

Today's consumers crave deeper relationships with the brands they patronize. Even in this digital world where everything seems to be done behind the curtain of a pixelated screen, individuals still crave more meaningful relationships, and that's where email holds sway.

When you make a post on social media, you have to wait for your followers to scroll down their feed enough to see it. With all the algorithms that prioritize content from family and friends, brands often find that their posts do not get much visibility.

Email, on the other hand, is sent directly to the inbox of your subscribers with the help of email marketing platforms that have email marketing templates.

It's a more personal way to connect with your customers because you're talking to them personally in a private place.

6) Fewer Restrictions

Your email list gives you a direct path to potential customers and you can interact with them. Additionally, unlike other platforms, everything you communicate with your list is under your control. Again with social media networks, you must communicate with your audience according to the rules, regulations, and features provided. Email marketing cost is cheaper than advertisement on social media.

7) Segment your messages to increase conversions.

You can easily segment your mailing list by strategic actions based on the past actions of your subscribers. Details about opened emails and links clicked allow you to use this behavior to further segment your audience. This should result in better conversion rates.

Social media, on the other hand only gives you some control over demographic targeting. It is also difficult to track at the individual level. Although some social media channels allow for demographic targeting, none of them will function like email marketing.



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