Gaming Commandments

Game commandments that every player must follow

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Gone are the days when the game was only considered a means for entertainment or relaxation. Today it has progressed greatly to the major religions of the world, with a large number of game lovers globally. In addition to their gaming convention and game commandments, these games have now moved to offer regular sequels, different user interfaces and gaming platforms.

But in order to become a good gamer and join any of the video game fans, you must unconditionally understand and accept the commandments of the world of videogames. Whether it’s the latest PC or console gaming, here are some game commandments to keep in mind to enter a new world of gaming success.

  1. You will be careful with plugs and cables –

As a spectator or gamer, you’ll need to watch out for all faulty plugs and cables. Avoid walking over or tripping over these items as they will not only be connected to the gaming console but will also interrupt any game in progress. It can also wreak havoc on gaming equipment, which is nothing less than any player’s worst nightmare. For example, Red Ring of Death which is commonly found on Xbox.

2. You should not save someone else’s game:

Be it video games or even Android games, you won’t save to someone else’s game profile. Players knew how to spend blood, sweat, and tears by completing quests and side quests and acquiring rare and legendary weapons and items. The simple saving to another profile rather than a new one results in nothing more than a cruel and insensitive grief to any player.

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3. Thou shalt stop a playing session at the ‘next’ checkpoint:

When you begin any game, especially the most recent PC or console games, it will be difficult to stop playing. The only acceptable step is to stop playing at the next checkpoint. If you reach this checkpoint, stick to that checkpoint only, and not the next one.

4. Keep all distractions away while playing –

Be it Android games or PC video games or  a playstation 5, distraction will not only cost you your focus, it will also cost you the life of your virtual character. Mute your mobile phone, keep food and drinks on hand, and plug in headphones.

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5. You’ll be rogue at least once –

According to the saying, all rules have to be broken at least once. However, this mostly applies in certain situations, such as in multiplayer games where your teammates are no less than annoying “novices”. Cut them all off so that they know they can’t take your patience for granted. However, you risk getting locked out, so be careful.

6. Last but not least, you shall not cheat … period –

All players at some point in their lives use cheat. However, stick to your computer or console games, and never cheat during online gaming sessions, at least you’re ready for a lifetime ban or living with the shame of being caught.

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