Meet the Lady Who Gave Birth To 7 Children 21 Years Ago

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Years ago in 1997, at age 29, a lady with the name Bobbi McCaughey made history by giving birth to 7 children at a go . She made it through a Caesarean Section Operation which was said to be performed by more than 40 specialists to have her 7 sweet babies. She hails from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA and was the first lady to give birth to 7 children (Septuplets) in America.

Bobbi gave birth to all her 7 kids in less than 10 mins. She delivered four (4) boys and three(3) girls. Among her 7 kids, the smallest weighed 2.5 pounds while the heaviest weighed 3.4 pounds. It was a miracle that these children were all born alive, especially because they came 2 months premature. The healthy delivery surprised the doctors and everyone was so excited to welcome the new Septuplets into the world!


McCaughey had taken a fertility drug, Pergonal to help her conceive a child. Doctors say that the more fetuses a woman carry at once, the greater the chances that these babies will not be healthy and can be born premature with health problems such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, blindness, mental retardation or other developmental problems with speech and motor skills.

The Septuplets have endeavoured to stay out of the media spotlight as much as possible but have made occasional appearances to let the world know that they are all still doing well! They have all graduated from high school and are looking towards the future! The family is still very much together and they seem like an amazing group of siblings!

Below is a video of their interview with TODAY. The video explains their life, how they lived and grew together, how their parents funded their fees and made sure they graduated from  high school. Watch the video below.


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